Montreux Comedy

Ali had fun performing as part of the Montreal Comedy Festival’s UAE version. It was the first year they’ve included an English show, and certainly won’t be the last now! He looks forward to performing with them internationally later this year.

Germans are funny!

Ali had a great time performing stand-up comedy around Berlin with local and expat comics!

Boy Bands be like…

Ali had fun at his morning shoot with Brian from Westlife and Keith from Boyzone. They were like “We’re Boyzlife.” Ali was like “I’m Thuglife.”  So together, they were #AbuDhabiLife. Check out the Golf cart karaoke video they did HERE.

Hollywood Reporter

FullSizeRender2Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for the great write-up about our upcoming Comedy Central Presents Show! Check it out!

Comedy Central Presents

FullSizeRenderAli couldn’t be more excited about co-hosting Comedy Central’s first production created in the Middle East! The new show is set to start airing on Feb. 5th! STAY TUNED!