A little Ramadan Comedy

Ali had a great time performing stand-up at Al Hilal Bank’s annual iftar in Abu Dhabi this week. hilal bank 2

When in Greece….

Ali had a blast returning to Athens to lead comedy workshops as part of the 10th Annual International Festival of Making Theater as well as a Q & A session in Italy. greece 14

Operation: Joy to Sahab

Ali had the great honor getting to bring laughter, joy, art and much needed supplies to the families residing in the Sahab Refugee Camp in Jordan. To read more about the mission please click here. ali

Toyota takes on Comedy

Ali had too much fun filming for Toyota’s new campaign as the hilarious upgrade specialist! “One man, One megaphone & One mission!”  Check out one of the videos here: http://bit.ly/1o28TDo 10509695_597700987015569_589843451416447419_n

Operation: Falafel

Ali had fun co-hosting Operation: Falafel’s Cooking Party supporting the great initiative ‘Adopt A Camp’, were 250 meals were sent to a labor camp in Dubai. minali falafel